DIY Spring Wreath, simply made and beautifully styled, helps you chase away the winter blues and get ready for spring decor.

This complete step-by-step tutorial includes:

  • Materials needed for DIY Spring Wreath
  • How to prepare and wrap greenery around floral wire
  • Using Focal Flowers

Creating a spring wreath with flowers

Spring is probably my favorite season. For many of us it means new beginnings, heavy duty cleaning, a fresh start. Honestly what gets me excited is all the flowers! Winter can be so long, cold and dreadful and my skin just itches (in Utah’s climate this is quite literal!) for the warmth and pretty colors. Well, to satisfy my itch I’ve created this beautifully modern DIY spring wreath with focal flowers. I’m seriously so happy with how it turned out. 🙂

Materials Needed for DIY Spring Wreath

Wrap Floral Ring

Using the kitchen twine, or whatever twine you’d prefer, wrap tightly around metal ring. A HUGE help to save you some time and stress, place a dot of hot glue on the ring and begin wrapping with the end of the string glued. You’ll have to be quick because the glue dries fast. As you wrap place a dot of glue on the ring every few inches and press the twine to it.

It’s much easier to wrap while keeping the twine rolled around the spool, don’t cut off a long length. It will get tangled and make a mess.

Snip Greenery into Small Sections

It’s easier to build a full floral piece with small sections of greenery, filler flowers, and focal flowers. So first, snip the leaves from the lambs ear stem into smaller segments. Only cut a few sections at a time until you have an idea of how many leaves you like grouped together. As I worked around the wreath I found that the number changed.

Make sure to leave some stem on each segment. You’ll need this to wrap the wire around and gently bend and shape the leaves for fullness and depth.

Wrap Floral Wire Around Greenery

Cut sections of floral wire about 7-10 inches long and wrap securely around the base of leaves and stems. I liked to hold the piece in place on the twine wrapped ring, and wrap the trailing ends of the wire around the ring in opposite directions. Then secure the wire by twisting the ends together. Snip the excess wire as needed with the tin snips.

TIP: for the best looking wreath, position the leaves to point in every direction: left, right and up. Once satisfied with how it looks, secure in place with a couple drops of hot glue where the wire is holding the stem to the floral ring.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!

Repeat these steps for attaching each piece of greenery, filler flowers, and eventually the larger focal flowers.

Focal Flowers

Add the focal flowers in the middle of the span of greenery. I added three pink rose/peony blossoms and 3 of the white ranunculus blossoms. Be sure to surround the flowers with greenery too!

Add Remaining Greenery from Opposite Direction

After attaching the focal flowers and surrounding greenery, finish the other half of wreath by attaching the greens and filler flowers from the opposite direction. I worked my way out from the flowers but you can start from where you’d like the greenery to end and work your way back towards the flowers (it may get a little tricky).

And there you have it—a beautiful wreath to chase away the dreary winter! This could be placed on your home as an outdoor wreath or a beautiful addition to your interior home decor to give it a nice biophilic, boho look. We’d love to hear about your DIY spring wreath experience. Please share with us in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to get receive regular updates on great ideas for creating an extraordinary life. xo Kaylee

Kaylee Bradsby, Boroughfare Home Guest Author
Kaylee Bradsby, interior design specialist and guest contributor for Boroughfare Home

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