Create a magical fall table setting using dollar store chargers and napkins. Follow our tutorial to create simple and inexpensive DIY plaid chargers that will totally transform your dining room into the perfect fall atmosphere. It’ll certainly be worthy of displaying all of your favorite fall goodies and treats.

Materials Needed

  • 6-8 chargers (from a dollar store)
  • Plaid napkins (available at Hobby Lobby for 40% off)
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint Brush
  • Waterproof Sealer


Plaid and fall go together like Christmas and pine trees. I’ve dreamed of having more plaid in my fall decor. But I struggle with seasonal decorating because I can’t always justify the expense. I don’t want to spend top dollar for what I can usually make myself. And I prefer a handmade aesthetic in my decorating as opposed to everything coming off the store shelf.  When I found these plaid napkins on clearance last year at Hobby Lobby I fell in love immediately. It wasn’t clear what I was going to use them for but they definitely went in my cart. Fast forward to this year and I had the idea to use some dollar store chargers from my daughter’s wedding and cover them with the napkins. These DIY fall chargers will be the perfect thing for my fall table setting this year. And, it didn’t cost me anything since I already had the supplies on hand!

You probably don’t have these items laying around the house but you can get them for cheap. Just stop by the dollar store for the chargers and Hobby Lobby still has these same napkins this year for 40% off. If I did my math right, you can create eight (8) DIY plaid chargers for under $15 dollars. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s begin.


Begin by wiping the chargers clean of any lint or debris and letting them dry. Meanwhile, unfold a napkin and lay it out flat. Take one corner of the napkin between two fingers and rub until the backing pulls apart. It should look like tissue paper. Pull the backing completely off the front of the napkin and discard. This will eleviate bulk and make the process of adhering the napkin to the charger easier.

Mod Podge the Napkin to the Charger

Brush on a thorough coat of Mod Podge to the cleaned and dried chargers. Make sure to glue the edges, as well. Take the napkin and carefully center it on the plate. Then begin to smooth it down with your fingers. Keep smoothing until the napkin is completely adhered to the charger. Press the napkin firmly down over the edges, too. Trim the excess napkin but not too closely to the edge, we will do some precise trimming when the glue has dried.

Now add more glue to the top of the napkin. Pressing firmly to release any bubbles and make sure the napkin is smoothly adhered. Be sure to cover the entire top and edges of the charger with glue. Missed areas will become obvious once it’s dried.

The Missing Bits

You may have noticed that the napkin didn’t cover the charger entirely. So, take an extra napkin (make sure to take off the backing) and cut a piece that will match up. Brush glue onto the plate. Add the piece of napkin, carefully lining up the pattern. Then add more glue to the top. Push the napkin over the edges and smooth well.

Repeat these steps with the other chargers and then let them dry overnight.

Trimming and Sealing

Now that the glue has thoroughly dried it’s time to trim the edges. Using an exacto knife carefully cut the edges smooth around the plate. When all the chargers are trimmed, brush some Mod Podge around the edges to make sure they’re glued down securely.

Now it’s time for a 2-3 coats of waterproof sealer of your choice. I used Varathane Polyurethane Matte Sealer and applied 2 coats. But be warned that even with a waterproof coat the chargers should never be submerged in water or placed in the dishwasher. Use a wet cloth to gently clean the chargers.

The Finished Product

After allowing the chargers to thoroughly dry for 1-2 days, it’s time to incorporate them into the fall table setting. I was very pleasantly surprised at how beautifully these chargers transformed the mood of my table setting. The magic of fall just permeates the room. How I love it! It’s the best season of the year. Hopefully, you are as pleased with the result of this project. It’s very simple in concept but it packs a lot of punch.

My Fall Table Setting

Using some vintage dishes from a secondhand store I set the fall table this way:


Thank you so much for joining me in this project. Whether you actually make this project for yourself or whether you just enjoy the visual aesthetic, I’m glad you’re here. More simple and inexpensive fall projects are coming soon. In the meantime, soak in all the magic that fall has to offer. Wishing you lots of pumpkin spice and fall leaves!

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See you next time!