Boroughfare Home offers printable seed packets with French-inspired designs. The seed packets are easy to assemble for personal use, party favors, or gifts for special occasions.

These seed packets are the perfect companion to the French Garden Pots from Boroughfare Home.

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How we build a tribe with seeds

It’s a societal custom to break bread with family & friends, sometimes even perfect strangers. Sharing a meal with someone is a token of love and friendship, or at the very least an extension of goodwill. Gardeners have a similar tradition of sharing. The gardening community generously distributes their cuttings, propogations, and seeds, which sometimes turn into events. Community seed swaps beckon anyone and everyone to come share in the bounty, so you don’t have to be a pro-gardener to join in the fun of sharing seeds.

Seed packets are a simple, yet beautiful way to share the joy of gardening and nuture friendships. I’ve seen them used as party favors at weddings or as part of place settings at garden parties. Seed packets can also be used as a Mother’s Day or birthday gift for those who like a pretty pot in the windowsill, or tending the garden. But don’t feel guilty about using them for yourself because seed packets are perfect for organizing and storing your seeds with a touch of charm and beauty.

How to Create the Seed Packets

You will need the following materials:

  • Quality paper in ivory, beige, or gold (whatever helps create a nice vintage look)
  • Seed Packet Design (download available at the end of the post)
  • Scissors
  • Gluestick or Tape Glue Runner
  • Nice writing pen
  • Ribbon, twine, leaves, berries, or lace (depending on how you want to “dress” your seed packets)
  • Seed Pods for including in seed packets for gifts (optional)

Step one

Print the seed packet design (download available at the end of the post) onto a good quality paper. Cardstock tends to be too heavy for folding properly but it can work if you choose to use it. I prefer a heavy paper with a 28 or 32 lb weight. A crisp white color is very pretty, or an ivory, beige, or gold color for a vintage look. It all depends on what mood you’re trying to create.

Step Two

Cut out the seed packets following the cutting lines. I purposely made the cutting lines very light, so you won’t see them once the seed packet is completed. But, if you print on a paper color other than white the lines can be difficult to see. Do your best to cut very accurately.

Step 3

Fold all of the tabs towards the blank side of the packet. Keep the two side tabs folded down, but lay the top tab (the one with the curve) back down flat against the surface to keep it out of the way for the next step.

Step Four

Place glue on top of the two folded tabs and fold the seed packet in half, matching all corners.

Step Five

Mark the seed packets with the name of the seeds, the date, and the planting instructions. Be sure to include blooming times, watering needs, and best locations for planting (ie., sunny or shady locations).

Step Six

Place seeds inside the packet. If you want the packet to feel a little more full a seed pod is a nice addition. You can purchase seed pods at IFA (farming store) for around 10 cents per pod or online at Amazon for about 30 cents each. The seed pods do create a bit of bulk, so you may decide to opt for the seeds only. I’ve done it both ways and have been very happy with the results. The seeds pods add a nice “extra” surprise to the gift, but I also like the super sleek look of only having the seeds. It’s up to you.:)

Step Seven

Place glue on the top tab, fold inside the packet, and glue into place. 

Step Eight

Dress the finished seed packet. Tie with some twine and leaves, a delicate ribbon, lace, or just leave it plain. No matter how you decide to dress it, the seed packet will be a beautiful addition to any occasion, or to your personal seed library.

Images of Seed Packets with Vintage Colored Paper

The vintage color paper definitely lends more “moodiness” to the seed packets, which I love. It looks like the seed (and the packets) have been around for generations and that creates a “feel good” experience for me. I love it when it looks like it has a story to tell.



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I don’t know if you fan-girl over French-y things like me but I really do love these seed packets. I hope you enjoy the process of creating them and sharing them with those you care about. And please don’t forget to share your experience with me. I would love to hear from you! xo Jayme


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