A Pottery Barn inspired fall project. But instead of spending $150 for a faux leaves centerpiece, we’re going to make a budget-friendly version for $20. Follow our easy tutorial for creating an inexpensive, but gorgeous, fall leaves centerpiece that says “wow!”.

Pottery Barn Inspired Project

Hi ya’ll! Check out these gorgeous faux fall leaves from Pottery Barn:

Gorgeous! But the $150 Price Tag?  Uh, no!

These centerpieces would look amazing amongst my fall decor. But to purchase the vase and faux fall leaves from Pottery Barn would be around $150. I don’t have that kind of budget for seasonal decor. It would be great if I could just buy them, but I had to figure out a cheap way to get the look achieved here. The concept is simple and it’s very budget-friendly. So, I hope you join me in making a gorgeous faux fall leaves centerpiece for $20.

Materials Needed:

• Branches from a tree in your yard or neighborhood
• Faux Leaves- 4 stems (40% off at Hobby Lobby)
• Hot glue gun and glue sticks
• Brown glass vase (40% off at Hobby Lobby)

Gathering and Preparing Branches

I have a large tree in my backyard that litters small branches every time there is even a whiff of wind. It was very easy for me to gather several branches that would work well for this project. But if you don’t have a tree to give you branches then ask a neighbor or a friend if they would mind if you clipped a few small branches. Once you have your branches then remove all of the leaves.

Choosing Faux Fall Leaves

The color of the faux leaves is completely up to your taste. I chose very earthy tones because I’m not a fan of hot, bright colors. Hobby Lobby has a great selection of faux leaves anywhere from $1.99-$3.99 with their usual 40% of fall decor sale.

Adding Leaves to Branches

Grab your glue gun and some glue sticks. While the glue gun is heating, pull the faux leaves from the plastic stems. They should release fairly easily. I didn’t have to use any special cutters. Now decide how full you want your centerpiece to be. The Pottery Barn centerpieces are pretty full. But I wanted something a little more rustic and worn. Like only the last few leaves are hanging on to the tree. It created a little more mood for me. It’s all about personal preference so you add as many or few as you like.

The brown glass vase from Hobby Lobby is cheap (around $12) and perfect for this project. But there’s nothing wrong with saving more money by using something you already have around the house. Place your branches inside your vase of choice and manevuer them until you have them exactly where you want them. Now is the time to decide if you want a sprawling centerpiece or something more upright. This decision will help you decide where to place your faux leaves and how many to add.

Now choose a place on the branch where a leaf might naturally be clinging. Place some hot glue on the tip of the leaf stem and adhere it tightly to the branch. Hold it in place until the glue cools. Continue strategically gluing on leaves to create an artistic presentation.

The Finished Product

Once the glue has thoroughly dried it’s time to showcase your beautifully finished project. Mine sits on the coffee table in the living room. You see it the minute you walk in the front door and it’s truly spectacular. Such impact for so little time and money!

Final Thoughts

The first day of fall is this coming Wednesday. Our temperatures have been blazing hot so it hasn’t felt much like fall around here. But just today we had a magnificent rain storm that brought in moody skies and cooler temperatures. I thought, “ooooooh, it’s finally coming”. Though, I have to admit it also brings a tiny bit of anxiety because then winter is ever closer. But let’s not think about that now. Haha! Let’s enjoy all the magic that fall has to offer. I’m so excited for Halloween that I’ve already started my spooky projects. I’ll be sure to share a few with you here on the blog. In the meantime, I wish you lots of snuggly blankets and sweaters and sweet pumpkin treats. Until next time!