Projects for Home and Garden

French-Inspired Seed Packets

I created printable seed packets with French-inspired designs. The seed packets are perfect for personal use, party favors, or gifts for special occasions.

How to Make an Antique Mirror

Learn how to make an antique mirror with our step-by-step tutorial. Rub on a FREE spring floral transfer for a charming addition to your antique mirror.

Create a Vintage Tiered Stand

Vintage Tiered Stand Tutorial shows how to use thrift shop finds to assemble a beautifully styled centerpiece for any occasion.

FRENCH POTS: DIY with free printable

Learn how to create charming French Pots for your home and garden from simple terra cotta pots with our step-by-step tutorial. Bringing a very personal touch to the home and garden is our goal. Happy potting!

How to Start Seeds for the Garden

Follow our simple tutorial on how to start a seed and begin your garden this season If you don't have much experience with gardening or seeds, follow our simple tutorial for how to start a seed and watch your love of gardening blossom. All you need is a seed tray,...

DIY Cement Coasters with FREE Printable Designs

There are a millionty-billionty blog posts on DIY coasters.  This is not meant as a tutorial as much as an inspiration for making something meaningful of your own.  You can make coasters out of a myriad of materials but this post is specifically focused on cement...