A simple, fresh, affordable, yet elegant and feminine gift for a friend/neighbor/sister/mom/etc. This home fragrance kit has all the appeal of summer with the sweet scent of rosemary, lemon, and vanilla; the delicacy of lace and ribbon; and the charm of a custom French-inspired tag (link below).

Use this gift to show someone you care:

  • meet a new neighbor
  • encourage a friend
  • congratulate a new bride
  • celebrate a new home
  • surprise a coworker

I hope this gift will be the perfect excuse to strengthen an existing friendship or start a new one. 


This kit is easy to assemble once you’ve chosen the packaging and wrapping. All you need is:

  • Container (preferably something see-through, like plastic or a pastry box with a window)
  • Sprigs of Rosemary
  • Whole Lemon
  • Vanilla¬†
  • Materials for wrapping (lace, burlap, jute, ribbon, etc.)

For instructions on how to prepare the ingredients, choose your packaging & wrapping, and assemble the gift, please watch the video below.


You are welcome to create your own gift tag for a personal touch. If you’d like to use our custom French-inspired tag, please use the link for a FREE DOWNLOADABLE PDF file below:

Boroughfare Home Fragrance Gift Tag Sheet


Friendship is the golden thread that ties the heart of all the world. – John Evelyn

One of the best ways we can heal our world is to reach across the divide and make friends, especially with those who may strike us as someone we’d normally not approach. We can find common ground with anyone if we just make the effort. This encouragement is pointed more at myself than anyone, but I hope we’re all striving to build bridges wherever we are.