Create spooky potion bottles for Halloween decor with our easy to follow tutorial. Download a FREE printable of spooky potion bottle labels. Easily and cheaply create a magical, moody, enchanting scene for Halloween. 


Yes, yes, yes, I know that Halloween is tomorrow. But this really is something that you could put together very quickly to create some magical Halloween decor. So, procrastinators and Halloween lovers (those who secretly, maybe even openly, celebrate all year long) this one is for you. Also, I like to live in the moment sometimes, you know. Just breathe in all of the fun atmosphere of the season and not stress out about what’s coming next. I’m kind of sad that in just a short 48 hours it will be time to take all the Halloween decorations down. But I do love what’s coming so I can’t be sad for too long.


Anything, really. Empty jam, pickle, spaghetti sauce, mayonnaise bottles will do. Whatever you have around the house. Canning jars are fine but you want to hide the writing because that will be a clear give away. If you want to get a little fancier, then visit a craft store like Hobby Lobby and purchase some fun sizes and shapes with different kinds of lids and tops. Watch for their 50% off sale and you can get a great deal on some bottles.


Having a variety of different shapes and sizes of bottles as well as kinds of potions will only make the “scene” more fun and moody. Spray paint some bottles in dark colors and leave others clear and fill with differents colors of liquid. Place labels on some bottles and leave others without. Sometimes, the simpler the better.

Boroughfare Home Skull and Black Potions Scene


•  At least 4 bottles of differing shapes and sizes
•  Black, Purple, Brown, or Green Spray Paint
•  Dark Antique Wax
•  White Lime Wax
•  Downloaded FREE printable labels (found at the end of this post)
•  Twine or Cotton String
•  Food Coloring or RIT Dye (if you plan on making “potions”)

After the bottles have been thoroughly cleaned and dried, spray paint them with a few coats of desired color and allow them to dry. You can also use chalk paint and brush it on but be warned that the brush strokes will be highlighted later when applying the white wax. This isn’t a bad thing since the brush strokes could add nicely to the aging effect, if done right.

Boroughfare Home Spooky Potions Black Paint
Boroughfare Home Spooky Potions Purple Paint


Here is the fun part. Download the [Download not found]

Print the downloaded potion designs onto full sheet (8.5 x 11) white labels. Decide how you want to cut your label. This will have a huge impact on how your label appears on the bottle. Do you want the label to wrap all the way around the bottle? Do you want the label to have round edges,  or sharp edges? With a pencil draw a faint mark as to what shape you would like to cut.

After you’ve finished cutting out the labels, place them carefully onto the bottles and smooth out any bubbles. Make sure the edges of the label are adhered tightly to the bottle.

Now that the labels are affixed to the bottles it’s time to wax. Using an old rag, gently work the white wax onto all surface of the bottle and the label (being careful not to smear the print). Allow to harden for 5-10 minutes. Then wipe off excess wax, or any areas you are unhappy with.

Next, using your index finger gently work a dark antique wax into the label. This will help take the “newness” of the label away and provide a nice “aged” look for the bottle.

Boroughfare White Wax Can
Boroughfare Applying White Wax to Bottle
Boroughfare Dark Antique Wax Can
Boroughfare Applying Dark Wax to Bottle
Boroughfare Waxed Potion Bottle

Using food coloring or RIT dye or a combination of both, mix colors until you have a desired hue for your potion. I like to add a few teaspoons of glycerin to my potions to thicken them and make them more authentic. You could also use corn syrup or another “heavy”, but clear in color, ingredient to create a thicker, more viscous potion than just water. Black, purple, red, or green potions are obvious choices, but consider using golden and amber hues, as well.

If your bottle doesn’t have a lid then consider using a piece of linen fabric placed over the top of the bottle. Secure by winding twine around the neck of the bottle several times. I like to add some twine to the neck of some of my bottles just to add some texture and visual interest. Then I use my index finger to smear dark antique wax over the fabric and twine to age it and give it a darker mood.

Here are some examples of bottles that I’ve completed:

Boroughfare Arsenic Potion Bottle Halloween Decor
Boroughfare Cyanide Potion Bottle Halloween Decor
Boroughfare Nightshade Potion Bottle Halloween Decor
Boroughfare Snake Venom Potion Bottle Halloween Decor
Boroughfare Wolfs Bane Potion Bottle
Boroughfare Halloween Decor Potion Bottles
Boroughfare Collection of Halloween Potion Jars

I must credit my daughter, Morynn Redford, for her help in designing the labels. She has some mad skills with graphic art. 

If you enjoyed this project then be sure to check out my Halloween Cement Coaster tutorial. And check back often because I have some fun projects planned for this coming holiday season.

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As always, take care and continue to create. I’ll see you next time!