Join us as we create adorable gift bags to share with friends, family, and neighbors during the Thanksgiving season

Not only do we show you how to make some cute gift bags with a FREE printable but also share a recipe for supremely delicious home made toffee to put inside the bags. Your friends and neighbors will not be disappointed when you share your gratitude this season.


For many years our good friends had a Thanksgiving tradition of delivering delicious pies to all of their neighbors.  We were very grateful recipients of this tradition until we moved away. This year to fill the void we started our own tradition of delivering homemade toffee to our neighbors. This TOFFEE RECIPE was given to me by a dear friend who has since passed. She taught me how to make it several years ago and I hadn’t found an opportunity since. Last week I pulled out that recipe and hoped I remembered how to make it.

As the candy was beginning to boil away my 17-year old son walked in and took immediate interest.  This was a little unusual for him so I allowed him to take the spoon and he finished making the candy.  What a nice surprise!


Honestly, my normal routine is to think about making some really cute gift bags, for at least a few minutes, and then shrug it off and go take a nap. Napping is good.  I love napping. There are so many projects that don’t get done because napping will always win. But I was highly motivated and I actually made some gift bags for the toffee. And I’m ever so glad that I did!  They really turned out so well. *love*

From start to finish the bags took about 2-1/2 hours to make. While I hunted down some scrap fabric in the basement I asked my daughter to design a Thanksgiving logo to transfer onto the bags. I found a neutral toned fabric that somewhat resembled the look of a vintage flour sack and I cut them into 6″ x 8″ inch pieces.  Two pieces of fabric for each bag.  Then I printed my daughter’s logo onto wax paper (made sure the image was reversed), cut out each printed logo, placed them ink side down onto the bag pieces, and rubbed thoroughly.


Then I sewed the pieces together with a 1/2″ seam to create nine bags.  Then I folded the unfinished top edge down 3/4″ (wrong sides together) and zig-zagged along the edge to created a hemmed pocket at the top for the twine drawstring.  I sliced a little hole with my sewing scissors in the pocket and threaded the twine through with a safety pin. The bag was then filled with toffee and cinched and tied.

We handed out the Thanksgiving bags full of toffee that night and it was such fun.  Even my hard-to-please teenage son enjoyed the evening giving love to our neighbors. It was a thing of beauty—haha!


Even though I was pressed for time this last week I had so much fun putting these together with thoughts of giving to another.  If you’re feeling “extra” today and have a good idea for how to use these gift bags, please find the downloadable transfer below:

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So grateful to share this with you. xo Jayme


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